The smartest protection for
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Easy to use security

Easy to use security

Never again worry for complicated procedures, not even when using Cold–Storage services, and never again worry about where you put that annoying list of 12 words!

safekee is a very easy to use mobile wallet that implements multiple currencies bringing you the benefits of Cold–Storage and hardware security, providing you with an outstanding user experience.

Security on-the-go

Security On-the-Go

No more long waits to use a Cold–Storage service, no more necessity of going through a desktop PC.

safekee’s mobile wallet interface brings you the power to access your remote Cold–Storage from anywhere in the world by just pressing a button.

Security from Earth & Space

Security from Earth & Space

No longer only famous cars in the sky!

safekee brings the latest cutting-edge Cold–Storage technology innovation in orbit too.

Providing one-level-ahead security is what safekee was created for.



Nodes in the network are controlled by a number of existing independent Entities.

No worries about potential organizational complexity, as safekee has developed an innovative model for that too.

Remote & Distributed

Remote & Distributed

No more worries about where you should safely keep your hardware wallet to either conceal it from thieves, to make sure that it doesn't get lost, and to ensure that it doesn't suffer from physical damage.

safekee is underpinned by a worldwide distributed network of remote hardware and electronics Cold–Storage devices that make it unnecessary the need to bring hardware wallets along with you.

Open & Scalable

Open & Scalable

safekee is an open and scalable system: it makes APIs available allowing third parties to integrate other crypto wallets as well as other blockchain platforms or services.

Additional nodes can simply and seamlessly be added to the network as safekee's service adoption grows, to serve the security needs of individuals, organizations, crypto exchanges, crypto funds, ICOs, fiduciary operators, institutions, and smart contracts developers.

Offline Cold–Storage security

Offline Cold–Storage security

Never again worry of having your keys exposed to internet’s dangers! Never again keep your private keys on vulnerable software apps or IT servers.

safekee’s innovative Cold–Storage solution ensures that your precious and critical private keys are securely kept and managed offline, i.e. your keys are never connected to the internet.

Hardware & Electronics security

Hardware & Electronics security

Never again worry for malware, viruses and cyber attacks to the software that manages your crypto assets!

safekee implements security through hardware and electronics devices, thus overcoming the notorious security issues that affect users of software wallets. With safekee your cryptographic keys are secured in a physical silicon circuit, not in software.

Team & Advisors

Team & Advisors

safekee is the result of the exciting work performed by a highly motivated and cohesive team of professionals who combine the expertise that they have matured in a variety of complementary fields.

safekee is backed by a board of Advisors made up by expert Practitioners from relevant professions, eminent Professors and Post-doc researchers from renowned world-class international and Swiss academic institutions.

The specialty fields that we have thus covered include blockchain, cryptography, electronics and hardware, distributed systems engineering, crypto finance, business model definition, competitive strategy, and corporate finance.


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Safe and reliable

A deep dive

What are... Private Keys?

Private Keys are the cryptographic keys that allow you to unlock and use the crypto assets you own! (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tokens).

The security of your private keys is of the maximum importance, because those who can gain access to your private keys can immediately spend all your coins!

What is... Cold–Storage?

It is a technology that stores your Private Keys physically disconnected from the internet, in order to better protect them from digital attacks.

But having your private keys stored securely is not enough, you should go even further than that. To ensure the maximum security for your crypto assets and your safety as a cryptospace user, it is also necessary that your keys are generated and used in a secure environment, ideally within a secure physical perimeter that adds physical security to digital security. And that is exactly what safekee provides you!

And... what benefits is safekee bringing to me?

So far, Cold–Storage services has been provided for use with crypto currencies, and users of the service have not been provided direct control on the keys that unlock access to their crypto assets. This implies many disadvantages for the users, disadvantages which are now overcome by safekee.

safekee is introducing the first secure Cold–Storage service that gives users full direct control over the private keys, thus allowing users to gain continued full direct control over their crypto assets.

Furthermore, with safekee all the benefits of a Cold–Storage service becomes now available to non-financial applications too, i.e. the full range of Blockchain applications can now benefit from using a secure Cold–Storage service.

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